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JOON and Modern Fertility are thrilled to join forces to highlight the importance of Women's health in the workplace and offer a variety of at-home tests and resources so that you can get proactive about your reproductive health and plan ahead — whether you want kids or not.



Available only in the United States. Currently not available in NY, NJ, RI.


Fertility Hormone Test

The only comprehensive fertility hormone test that you can take at home. On birth control? No problem. Your test will be customized for you and will include AMH, the most reliable marker for ovarian reserve.

Accurate + Affordable

Modern Fertility measures the same fertility hormones that a doctor would test in a fertility clinic (for a fraction of the price) and helps you understand how your fertility is changing over time. Your reports will give you insight into the number of eggs you have and can help you identify red flag issues — like PCOS or thyroid conditions — that could affect your reproductive health down the line.


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What You Get

Every Modern Fertility test comes with a free 1:1 consultation with a fertility nurse and access to our weekly “Egginar” and the Modern community where you can connect with others and get your questions answered.

Proactive Insight

We’re waiting longer to have kids than any other generation in history––and we need more information to help us plan our families. But fertility is still reactive. By proactively testing fertility hormones over time, we can start discussions with our doctors, partners (and get the context we need ourselves!) to get ahead of conditions that could affect fertility down the road.

Get Access to a Free Session with Dr. Sharon Briggs!

We will cover: 

What are fertility hormones and what do they mean for your reproductive timeline? 

What can you learn from fertility hormones?

About Dr. Sharon Briggs: 

Dr. Sharon Briggs leads Clinical Product Development and Research at Modern Fertility. She has a PhD in Genetics from Stanford University where she studied the biology of female stem cells. Read her blog post on The Science Behind the Modern Fertility Test!


"It’s an empowering thought—my fertility versus my infertility, and for a fraction of the cost—and one that doesn’t feel intimidating nor too far away."